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I am just a girl who is madly in love with Jesus. My hubby and I tied the knot in June of 2013. I love to sing, write, and worship. I am a lover of people, and my goal in life is to ensure those around me always know and see the Love of Jesus. I'm also one of the unlucky who have experienced loss, heartache, and the realities of the complications that come along with putting a bun in that oven. It's a wild ride, it's a fun ride, and I'd do it all over again if it meant I got to walk with Jesus even closer.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh! Hello there, Tuesday!

After a week of needles, IVs, rest, tissue boxes and countless hours of Greys Anatomy I am happy to proclaim I survived to see another Tuesday.

My original plan was to post about all the gloriously fun things I experienced, which will come at the end, but I also decided I needed to be honest and truthful first. This week my faith was shaken, my hopes a little drained, and rebellion kicked in full force. I was forced to face how human I actually am. My eyes are also being made very aware of the battle it is every single day to remain functioning fully in the spirit, and on my so-called "A-game". My flesh won that battle for 7 days straight. Until I realized I was letting my prayer partner down, I realized I hadn't really even touched my bible. The only person I was really hurting, was myself. God never leaves, but I ran away from Him.

Today my eyes were drawn to Hebrews 10. About half way through that chapter it clearly states " let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful".
Ok, great. Heart check, please.... But how do I do that when I don't want to?

It then goes on to remind us to spur each other on, to keep meeting together (whether that's in a building, via text prayers, or coffee dates), we need to encourage each other. Then it hit me. I have that, and I don't have to choose to let my flesh win when others are helping fight for me. This is what the body of Christ is for. This what we do. When one part is broken we help raise each other up. When one part is weak we stand and encourage and meet and spur each other on. You see, it's a give and take. I will shamelessly admit that I took this week. And maybe next week I'll give. This is what the body of Christ is for. We rely on each other, and we pray for each other, and we function out of love. I'm thankful for that body I belong to. With out it, I wouldn't have been lead to Hebrews, and reminded to repent and turn back to Him. 

So... Here's a peek into my life the last week!

Not all of my week was terrible. I was excited to spend a few hours in the pouring rain with my man at a 5k run benefiting a ministry called ARMS(Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services).  

Gotta love the crazy (not so great) selfies in the car. Boy, do I absolutely LOVE him!  Once all was said and done we looked something similar to a drowned rat. 

This was my favorite part of the event. Many participants wrote, in chalk, encouragement or statements to help fight against abuse. The top picture with blue writing said,
" To whom do I run? I run to your everlasting Arms!"

This one proclaims:

 "Violence is NOT an answer to any question"

I was incredibly sad to see the statements be melted away and destroyed by the rain. I was also, on the flip side, incredibly happy people chose to write it out anyway despite the rain. I was also thankful I snapped a photo before they were gone.

This is a beautiful ministry not only striving to help women define themselves in Christ after abusive relationships, it also offers programs for the abuser. It is a faith based ministry and it offers hope and freedom to those who struggle with abuse. Victim or perpetrator. I love this group, and I love supporting and serving with the ministry. (You can learn more at their website here)

After two short hours we were able to go home and wring out our clothes and snuggle up in pj's and watch movies.. Now that is what I call a Saturday! It's exactly what the Dr. Ordered.

These are delicious. And if you doubt me, I dare you to purchase a bag. Candy corn m&m's.... I will say Target disappointed me, and didn't have their Pumpkin Spice m&m's as the sign promised, so these had to suffice.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Lastly, my twinsie got brave this weekend and shared her story about shakeology, and her motivation for being a fit, hot momma! (You can watch the video here)
She's been through a lot. She's a fighter, so I can't say I'm surprised that she is succeeding and going above and beyond. If you watch the video you will get only a glimpse of what her life has been like. Her story is beautiful, and God has brought a ton of blessings in her life and has brought restoration and healing into her family. It's amazing. Maybe sometime soon she'll be a guest on my blog and share her story. Yup, that's just what's gonna have to happen... Hope you're up for the challenge sissy! 


She spoke in front of a large crowd (100+ people) and after watching the video, you'd think she's done it a million times. That girl is a natural! She is very motivational, and she loves what she does and practices what she preaches! (You can also visit her beach body coach website here)

I'm a little biased but I'm certainly proud. 

Happy Tuesday, you are loved!


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  1. Love this and love you!!! So proud of you for having the courage to share the tough stuff. You are a true blessing!!!