Who I am: I am the Righteousness of God by the Blood of Jesus. Need I say more?

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I am just a girl who is madly in love with Jesus. My hubby and I tied the knot in June of 2013. I love to sing, write, and worship. I am a lover of people, and my goal in life is to ensure those around me always know and see the Love of Jesus. I'm also one of the unlucky who have experienced loss, heartache, and the realities of the complications that come along with putting a bun in that oven. It's a wild ride, it's a fun ride, and I'd do it all over again if it meant I got to walk with Jesus even closer.

Our Journey

My story started long ago. I have a detailed history of endometriosis, polyps, cysts, and loads and loads of birth control pills, patches, implants, IUD's, and HRT.

Fast Forward to September 2012 - Surgery to remove IUD, endometriosis, polyps, and a few other minor procedures.

Due to an unexpected outcome of the surgery (accidental cauterization of the right fallopian tube) I was then inclined to have some further testing done. I also switched to a different OB/physician.

February 21st 2013 -  HSG concluded that both tubes were blocked.

Follow up in late March involved confirmation of blocked tubes and a referral to a nearby fertility clinic when my (soon to be) husband and I decided we would want a family. IVF was going to be our best option.

April  2013 - Decided to see a Naturopath (Dr. M), it was suspected that my progesterone was low. Started sub lingual progesterone CD12/14-28 until mid June, then start scheduled Hormone Panel for first cycle after marriage.

June 8th 2013 - Married the love of my Life. Best Day Ever!

June 20th 2013 - started hormone panel saliva test.

July 16th (CD27), noticed my cycle was not on time(usually a 25 day cycle) and not feeling quite right. Pregnancy Test showed faint positive. I didn't believe it, so I tossed it in the garbage.

July 17th - BFP, worried, and excited. Still didn't believe it completely. Long debate about calling the OBGYN who had told me my tubes were blocked, just a few short months ago.

July 18th - BFP again, it finally sunk in, and I called. Blood work ordered: HCG 60.

July 20th - Blood work ordered: HCG 159

July 22nd - Early ultrasound showed nothing, Slightly inflamed right fallopian tube.

July 23rd - Blood draw results from July 22: HCG 150. Dr. S called and wanted to see me in her office that afternoon 2:30pm Diagnosed with Ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. We chose surgery over a shot of methotrexate, surgery allowed for us to confirm bilaterally blocked tubes, remove pregnancy, and check for endometriosis.

July 24th - We said good bye to Baby Brooks #1, HCG was negative shortly after surgery. Surgery concluded that right tube is damaged and no longer functional, however, it was left inside until next time, left fallopian tube, PERFECT. No endo, no cysts, surgery went well.

July- first of September - recovery

Sept 1st - not preventing, but not TTC.

Sept 18th - BFP on HPT, HCG 12. Told that was definitely positive, but couldn't determine if this was viable or not. Started Progesterone.

Sept 20th - HCG 22. (Not looking promising)

Sept 22nd -  Start spotting, doctor reassures me everything is fine.

Sept 24th - Spotting progressed. ER visit Confirm Gestational sac measuring 5w2d. Blood test negative, sent home with instructions to rest, and come back if I didn't finish passing on my own.

Oct 23rd - Green light to TTC. Hubby and I decided we would start seriously trying.

December 19th - Visit with Dr. M concluded I am not ovulating, low on both estrogen and progesterone. Stress levels are too high. Recommends I consider cutting out a few things, and relaxing. Retesting hormone panel. Waiting for results.

February 22, 2014 super faint BFP - and 2/24 no questions about it! 2/24 - HCG 206, 3/4 - HCG 6897, 3/13 HCG 49,398

April 23, 2014- Missed Miscarriage at 11w 4d

April 25, 2014- D & C - genetic testing in process.. Colton James Brooks (Triploidy, Male)

April 25, 2014 to Present- Break from TTC

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  1. Oh my friend. Praying for you to get rest and relaxation while you wait! I am believing that God is giving your body the healing it needs. Your miracle baby will be here soon!