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Saturday, May 24, 2014

MTHFR or Mother F'r?

Tests, Tests and more tests...

I must say getting the results of many of these tests was a major relief. I am slightly disappointed with the way it all played out and I was certainly annoyed by the time I finally demanded that the actual doctor call me to discuss the results. At that point I had her undivided attention and a 25 minute phone call. It was glorious. I am disappointed that the results of the genetics are not yet back on our little one, however she implied it should be soon. From her end of things it looked at though it was sent to another location for further testing. Which I guess could be good or bad. Good as in they are being thorough, bad because something could have been terribly genetically wrong. Either way, I will be happy with no news, or any news. All I really hope for is the gender, and she seemed pretty confident that we will be able to know. So I took the list I made in a previous post and applied the apporpriate test results next to it. 

Karyotype - Normal ( I am happy to know that I am genetically sound, Hubby will have his done come the first of June.)
All Autoimmunity disorders - Normal
Lupus - Negative
Thyroid - Normal
Prothrombin - Normal
Antithrombim - Normal
Homocyseine - Normal 
Vit D - Normal
Factor V - Normal

Some type of active diabetes tests - Normal
Blood clotting disorders - Normal

Protein S - Not Tested yet
Protein C - Not Tested yet
Prolactin - Not yet tested
All Antibody tests - Some Normal / Some Not Tested yet


I have never been more relieved to know that there is something that is potentially causing our losses. So what is MTHFR you ask?  If you're asking my best friend A, she said it's a Mother F'r (MTHFR). But if you ask Dr Google you will find a never ceasing wealth of information. From my understanding here is what I have learned (and please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.... Seriously, still learning here!!)

MTHFR (click here too for more information..) is a gene mutation on the enzymes of your blood. What this means is that your body becomes incapable of converting folic acid into its biologically active form (I-Methylfolate). In addition, depending on what kind of mutation you have (apparently there are a few different types, of what kind I am unsure and I will hopefully answer why soon), it can cause elevated homocysteine which then can cause (TA DA) blood clotting! Again, there are plenty of resources out there that might better explain this issue. I will add that this is actually a very common mutation (1 in 4 have some form of mutation, and yes it is hereditary). Again depending on the mutation, your treatment and protocols may vary. You'd really never know you have this mutation unless you were hitting some road blocks such as infertility and repeat miscarriages. It can also  cause many other issues.

As many people know Folic Acid is vital in gestational development. It supports healthy brain development and without it, or without the proper amount your baby could develop many neural tube defects such as Spina Bifida, and malnutrition for the baby. It is vital that a woman who is planning to become pregnant or is pregnant has the best nutrition possible and receives the best supplements possible to support a healthy pregnancy. Although I eat healthy and take my prenatals and live a pretty healthy life style the underlying issue is that the baby(babies) was not able to absorb what he/she needed to continue growth. 

I could have fallen into a puddle of tears. Some have said that results don't matter and I agree, but I also believe the Lord has given my husband and I some medical resources to give me and our future pregnancies the best care possible. I am thrilled to know that something like this, that is actually quite common, is treatable. 

However, if you happened to meander your way over to any MTHFR resources you will also see that not only is it treatable with many different options, it's also quite a controversial diagnosis. Some progressive doctors are more than happy to add a few concoctions of medicines into the mix and some will simply disregard the diagnosis and deem it invalid because of the lack of research and not enough information to support the theory of it being linked to repeat loss. However, in most resources that I have read 99% of them list infertility and repeat pregnancy loss as legitimate symptoms and side affects of this mutation. My doctor happens to be one who chooses not to treat any form of the mutation, although she recommended again, to start baby aspirin now and continue through child bearing years. How that makes sense, baffles me. As baby aspirin happens to be one of the many drugs they can use to treat this Mother F'r (MTHFR).  

I happen to be on the fence about switching OB's and finding one who will really take an honest look at the type of mutation I have, and treat it accordingly as to avoid ANOTHER loss. I really love where I am at most of the time. I have also considered following up with my Primary doctor and see what her knowledge has to offer my. At this point I am actually willing to do whatever it takes to keep a baby until 40 weeks gestation. If that means I take a different form of folic acid, switch up my prenatals, and take a baby aspirin everyday, I'll do it. But what if my mutation requires a little bit more of an aggressive treatment, such as heparin and levonox injections as well as the other options. There are so many different ways to tackle it. I guess as we go along and continue getting our tests back we'll just keep making the best decisions for us and what we feel God has for us. If that means I find a new Doctor, then I know He will provide. If that means I stay, I know He will provide. I may have to advocate for myself a little more, and push a little until I feel comfortable with the direction. But, I do know He will provide all our needs as they come. 

I am a little disappointed that she would agree to test for this mutation, then neglect to treat it. Especially with my history. So today, I decided to be proactive for myself. Yep, I bought baby aspirin, and you bet your bottom dollar I spent the extra money for a different form of folic acid. It wont hurt me nor will it hurt future babies. We walked into the local Super Supplements and we walked around baffled at all the different options, asked a quick question with the gentleman at the front and made our selection. Upon check out I was really concerned that just maybe I wasn't buying the right one. I expressed my concerns to my dear hubby and a different guy at the register asked me a few questions. I mentioned it was for a MTHFR Mutation and he was quick to show us exactly which one I needed. You could tell he was a little passionate about this, and incredibly knowledgable. Perhaps, with how common it is, his wife, or even him, has been diagnosed with MTHFR. What was even cooler, he said his dream in life is to see that all prenatal vitamins start to contain the methlyfolate that is easily converted in your body. C and I walked away incredibly impressed and even more thankful that he took the time to share with us his dream and help us find what was right!

Back into Limbo land again, but at least I have a little something to hang onto. Driving in the car I clung to my new vitamins and cried. One step closer and I knew that the guy who helped us check out was a gift from God. At that moment even C said, "Babe, we're one step closer to our baby". 

I am relieved to have something. I am excited to learn something new. I am thankful for the resources we have available when God give them in His timing.  


  1. Glory to God for more wisdom into this situation. I agree with you in wanting the doctor to be more proactive but it looks like this is a start. I am excited for your healing and for what the future hold for you and your hubby.

    1. Thanks girl! Hope you are starting to feel better and babies are growing nice and healthy!

  2. So glad you have some answers. I have several friends who have MTHFR. Trusting the Lord will direct all of your next steps and hope you find peace in the days to come!!

  3. So glad you got some answers! My best friend and her sister have this...they both knew they had it before they became pregnant with each of their first children and took precautions immediately. Both of them just took an extra folic acid and spent time in prayer praying specifically for this before conceiving and during. Both had healthy pregnancies with ZERO problems. I'm so relived we have some answers so that we can be specific when we pray. It's ALWAYS important to be specific rather than general :) xo

    1. It's amazing how common it is. :) I am certainly happy to know at least a little bit more of something!

  4. I think the reason your doc tested for MTHFR and is now "doing nothing to treat it" may be because of the type of mutation(s) you have and/or whether it's coupled with others factors. You are negative for blood clotting factors, so this may be why she's doing nothing...as many docs would agree with her decision. I'm sure you know this, but more than half of the US population carries a mutation for MTHFR...key word that they are "carriers." Being a carrier does not necessitate a full on diagnosis and doesn't affect anything. Only when you have two copies do you have a diagnosis, and as you said, the combinations of mutation do make a difference as well.

    I happen to have compound heterozygous MTHFR (which means two copies w/each of the mutations C677T and A1298C). However, it's only because I also have blood clotting issues like Protein S deficiency, Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody & Anti Nuclear Antibody that I take baby aspirin and Lovenox during pregnancy. Every doctor I've ever asked (and there have been many) feel that MTHFR alone is not proven to cause pregnancy loss. I just want you to know that your current doctor is not just being flippant. It's controversial. It can be confusing.

    You certainly can't go wrong by taking methylfolate in it's bioavailable form and taking a whole foods based prenatal rather than a synthetic one. Baby aspirin won't hurt a thing either! I'm so happy you were normal for everything else you were tested for!

    1. I agree, and like I had stated I don't even know what mutations I have. Which then leads me to want to question my doctor. I don't think she is being flippant, but I would prefer all the information before she just dismisses this and throws it under the rug. Especially since she indicated that this could very well be the reason for our losses and is running all my tests again to be certain, then goes on to discuss that she doesn't treat it.

      From the information that I had stated that 1 in 4 people have some form of mutation or are carries, I understand it is incredibly common and that not all carries have any issues. I think my questioning comes into play of her lack of consistency. Yes, take baby aspirin, I want to run more tests, but no we aren't treating it.

      Thanks for more knowledge, I always enjoy hearing from those who have experienced anything that I am interested in learning more on.

    2. Your results should list the the mutations on them (at least ours did on both the RPL screening from the hematologist & the Counsyl genetic testing we did). Usually with MTHFR, it says more than just +...it will list the mutations present.

      Hang in there. I know it's frustrating trying to find "the answer." I think you're doing all the right things! I asked so many docs, "Can taking baby aspirin or Lovenox possibly help?" and "Can taking those things possibly hurt?" Hey, if there's a chance it CAN even remotely help and there's nothing it can do to hurt, then why not try it right? Have you read the book "Is Your Body Baby Friendly" by Dr. Beers? Very informative if you like to read and have any interest in digging further into RPL. I'm routing for you Morgan!

    3. What's crazy is my doctor only called. I haven't even seen any of my results. I am anxious to get my copy of them for sure! I have heard of that book, I haven't read it though. It certainly sounds informational. I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

      Thanks for cheering us on, I'm ready for a new outcome next go around!

  5. Hugs and positive thoughts for you as you go through this journey. I have heard many, many success stories from women with MTHFR. I'm happy that you got these tests done, although I can only imagine how nerve wracking it can be.

    1. Thanks Krystal, I have heard a lot of great things too. :) XOX

  6. I am sure you are glad to have some answers but it also sounds like it brings on more questions. I will keep you in my prayers Morgan.

    1. YES, oh my gosh, so many questions! But, it's a nice starting point :)