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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colton James Brooks

As many of you have seen on Facebook or Instagram, my husband and I were lucky enough to get the genetics back on our 3rd little one.

Baby Brooks #3 was Male with a condition called Triploid Syndrome. Triploid syndrome is extremely rare and happens in only about 1-2% of pregnancies. I am extremely thankful that this is a condition that is not hereditary or in any part because of me or my husbands genetic make up. If you happened to google it, or clicked on the link and find anything out, you would see that the majority of the time the circumstance is 2 sperm (nice work babe on the super swimmers) joined with one egg. Every human typically takes 23 genes that come from Mom and 23 that come from Dad. Resulting in 46 total. In triploidy the baby takes on 69! That's 3 whole sets of chromosomes! 

Triploidy causes a huge giant laundry list of complications such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and neurological issues. Just to name a few. More times than not the baby doesn't just house one issue, it's typically multiple issues. All incompatible with life.

In one article I read it was said that it's a 1/15000 chance that a woman reaches past the 15th week of pregnancy with a baby that has triploidy, and most often the egg never implants or the woman miscarries before even realizing she is pregnant. There has been only one documented case of an infant making it to 10.5 months of age.

Yesterday happened to be a rather emotional day. I thought that I would feel 1000 times better once I knew the gender and what had happened. Instead, I hung up the phone and burst into tears. Full of gratitude and sorrow all over again.

A little boy!

It was very surreal. However, as I consulted with Dr Google, once again, I found article after article about this syndrome, I felt empowered with knowledge. Later that night as I crawled into bed talking about the results with C, we had both felt so much peace about the timing of our miscarriage. I wouldn't ever wish to have another, or wish it upon anyone else, but I was so thankful that our baby didn't have to live in pain, or with disease. Sounds a little morbid, but is there even a better way to reach heaven? Straight from the comfort, warmth and security of my body to Jesus' arms?

After much consideration C and I decided to name this little one. I am privileged to say that I have a son in heaven.

My boy, Colton James Brooks.

We hadn't ever felt the need for healing or closure after the other two, but this one... It's different. So in loving memory of all our little ones we made a box to place all our keep sakes (ultrasound pictures, tests, letters, notes from friends and family, etc..).

Sounds crazy but I am so in love with my little ones, and so in love with our boy. I actually feel proud and a sense of being a mommy to a boy. I wonder if this compares at all to what it's like to be proud of your living children? If it is, I like it. I took that little box with my from room to room last night. And it will probably travel around the home for a while until we decide on a special place for it.
On another note, in my previous post (MTHFR) I mentioned about some results I received. There was some questions I had about this specific mutation and when my Doctor called yesterday I was about to have a nice long chat with her again. Changes have asterisk next to them.
Karyotype - Normal ( I am happy to know that I am genetically sound, *Hubby no longer needs to have his done, unless we have another miscarriage.)
All Autoimmunity disorders - Normal
Lupus - Negative
Thyroid - *Low indicating possible hyperthyroidism, getting second opinion
Prothrombin - Normal
Antithrombim - Normal
Antibody tests - *Normal / Some Not Tested yet
Vit D - Normal
Factor V - Normal
Factor II - Normal
Some type of active diabetes tests - Normal
Blood clotting disorders - Normal

Homocyseine - *Not tested
Protein S - *Not Tested yet
Protein C - *Not Tested yet
Prolactin - *Not yet tested
MTHFR - **Compound Heterozygous MTHFR (click the title for more information on this specific type) - She also mentioned that I was also a double carrier. which I don't know if that means something else as well as..or if it's one in the same? So many questions!
So, really I still have a lot of questions but honestly most of them have been answered. I am getting a second opinion on everything just to have a second set of eyes. However, because the genetics on baby we now know for certain that this loss was NOT because of the MTHFR. This doesn't mean that our other natural miscarriage wasn't due to MTHFR though. And this does give us more information in case I need to be treated in the future. This might depend on the tests that have not yet been tested. Which brings me to the next point, because we received news on the genetics of Colton, she no longer thinks it's necessary to complete my RPL panel. Which I understand her reasoning, however, I would like them completed for my sake and why stop when we're almost done, right?! Plus I think it will give us some valuable information. I am glad I am getting a second opinion, I know this will reassure me that all will be well next go around.
I was starting to get really frustrated with my Doctor and the answers, or lack there of, she was providing. I finally told her that I was an information person. I wasn't trying to be difficult and I certainly am not saying that she isn't worthy of being trusted. However, I feel like she just doesn't have much experience with my particular type of situation. Once I told her that I really appreciated her taking the time out of her day to call me and explain things and answer my questions because it was incredibly healing (emotionally) for me, her whole attitude changed. She was much more nice and understanding of my need for information. I don't need it because of my lack of faith, and I don't need it to prove God wrong, or prove Him right. I needed it so that I could process the way I process to gain emotional healing. She was much more inclined to discuss things with me once I made it clear that I am not set out to challenge her. Just learning to advocate for myself, that's all.
So all in all I think we have a good start on the medical side of things. I am sure as life moves forward we will have to have trials and errors on how to proceed, but for now, I am very satisfied with how things are turning out. I think  I am starting to accept that there is always the possibility of complications of any kind, but God is bigger and will make a way when it's time. Perhaps now I can and will blog about an array of other things now...
Blind Faith. Trust through the unknown.


  1. Good hearing from you Morgan - So glad you got some answers for sweet Colton .As far as the MTHFR, the girls I know who had been diagnosed with that all got pregnant - so hopefully that encourages you. Glad you are getting a second opinion!!

    1. I am very encouraged and feel very happy with the results we have gotten. Now we pray for His will in His timing, whatever that might look like! XO

  2. What a sweet name ya'll have chosen for your baby boy Morgan. I'm sure it brings you comfort knowing it wasn't the MTHFR and I am glad to hear your Dr was able to finally change her tune in speaking with you. Many prayers moving forward for you :)

    1. Yes, I am very happy it wasn't the MTHFR, and I am at peace knowing our little one won't have to suffer any of the possible complications from Triploidy. I know baby Colton has been made whole and healed in heaven! Praise God!

  3. I love your baby's name. You will be reunited with your angels someday in heaven, and I know Colton is watching over you. He is your guardian angel now :)

    1. Thanks Krystal! I can't wait to meet them! Colton is certainly doing a fabulous job at watching over us. Up there with Jesus, cheering us on! Whoohoo!

  4. I love the name you picked out for your son and remembering him

  5. Beautiful name Morgan. I am crying with you with those results and finding out about your precious baby boy in Heaven. Beautiful name for such a beautiful soul. You are so strong and I'm inspired by you! XOXO